Moonlight love

In reality, he won’t be there

He won’t be seen, he cannot care

He knows their suffering the same

But he’s just not the one to blame

Bitter sweet as life should taste

Immoral thoughts, a human waste

They could have seen the sun

Instead the moonlights begun

When love leaves, they plead

They’d give it up, all their greed

Emptiness surrounds them all

Until they’re ready to fall



It’s morning, did you sleep well?

Did you dream of love or just hell?

The sun is rising eagerly fast

Filling the hours in the hour glass

Warm and welcomed to a fresh day

Always checking the bank for payday

Breakfast time, have some cereal

Every new day is a brand new miracle


Roses are red but he’s so tired

Skies are blue but he’s been fired

He feels such a failure at best…

Always the last to get the test

It was his mistake you must know

He let hope for promotion go

Under all the stress he lost his glory

He knows he’s at the start of his story

Half a life

There was a girl who always laughed

But her pretty little life was in half

She was two people in one mind

She’d lose her way and be unkind

Her eyes changed when she did

The other side she could never get rid

One time she’s fine and blissful

The next she’s lost and wishful

She says

“Can you help me out?

I’m split in two no doubt

The other side is dark you see

The rage it just consumes me”

Diagnosed with personality disorder

Trapped in herself it was out of order!

One blink and the words pause…

I’m the other girl of course!

Darkness of the mind

I’m freaking out, where is my mind?

I used to be one of a kind

I’m tired of losing the war

Every battle leaves me extra sore

Voices screaming, thoughts awaken

It’s my life that should be taken

They’re telling me I’m not worth it

They point out why I’m not perfect

Everything disappears in sight!

A gutt feeling says it’s another fight

There greets another darkness

Leaving a body empty and heartless

The war isn’t over, I’m too young

The demons they’re still having fun

Cold and lifeless I’ve become

My mind lowers me until I’m numb

I’m not okay

I’m left feeling so ignored

Emotions in me you’ve flawed

Your sitting there as you don’t care

Ready to hand me the pity stare


Well I’m not okay anymore

I’m not happy I chose this door

I’m nothing special at the moment

To you I’m just another apponant


How is it easy to ignore how I feel?

I’m still hoping, give me something real!

My smile disappeared a while ago

I’ve lost myself more than I’ll ever know


I’ll never tell anyone how I feel

I’ll keep to myself to make it real

I’ll never say my one killer thought

Silence is the only thing I’ve caught

I’ve got a sky that’s turning grey

In the mirror I tell myself I’m okay

There’s no crops growing in my field

My mind and thoughts are shut sealed

How can I make a river of rain

When rainbows come to play again

Close my eyes and count to five

Forget my thoughts so I can survive