The cat life (RAP)

I’ll spit these words, I’ll spit these bars,

Boys from Venus, girls go to mars,

The simple fact of life is in our stars,

And we can all enjoy it from afar.

Rhythm and tune is what I needed,

So one day I got up to God and pleaded,

I said “These rhythms and rhymes are sick as time,”

Then God turned and said, your talent is not a crime.

So now I sing my version to you,

Maybe you like it, Maybe a few,

Here’s one soley for my cats

They’ve claimed my home as their habitat,

They’re perfect and fluffy and well you see,

But they’re always naughty around me,

They meow just to freak me out,

I think that’s a cats form of a shout,

There’s nothing wrong with them, they’re fine!

But somehow they know how to cross the line,

Tiny teeth and claws scratching up my arm,

I wonder how something so small did any harm,

When they’re asleep, they fall off the bed,

They look up at me as if I dropped them instead,

I wouldn’t want them any other way,

In my heart, they found a place to stay.