Faith in herself

She’s fallen again,

Another hopeless hen,

She’s lost her grace,

She’s losing her place,

She can’t seem to stop,

Not until she’s top,

She’s losing her faith,

She’s not feeling safe,

There she goes more,

She closed her own door.



Beat to the heart, beat to the chest,

You know mother always knew best,

You can’t settle until she’s put to rest,

You think your muma is just a life test,

But she was there when your so alone,

She’s the one that still offers a home,

She calls, you ignore your phone,

The next call you won’t like, dial tone,

“Hello, I’m a doctor and your mother’s sick,

I don’t want to worry you but you’ll have to be quick”

You run to your muma, begging to heal all,

That’s when in a coma she will fall,

Without your muma, you don’t stand tall,

If only you’d answered when she bothered to call.

The love of your own child.

She wanted a baby,

But she couldn’t carry,

She didn’t feel like a lady,

She knew she’d never marry,

You see, her other half,

He had a baby with the previous,

To have another made him laugh,

For him it was too mischievous,

That broke her heart in many ways,

He wouldn’t even consider to adopt,

She asks God for the rest of her days,

If wanting a child could be a phase.