Run, run, run away my dear,

Pain is surfacing from the past year,

Can you get away in time?

To runaway was not a crime,


Through the storm and the winds,

He had packed all of his things,

He had to get away, he must,

Could he get away? Only just,


He ran from a river of crime,

He ran for the very first time,

He didn’t want to be there anymore,

So he ran away, hard-core, hard-core,


Villians would soon catch up to him,

They had plans to destroy his skin,

He hid in the back of an alley,

Villians were aggressive to dilly dally,


It was his fault, you must see,

He chose cocaine over his own family,

And now his fate is a marked tragedy,

If only he could disappear magically,


He was shot down before leaving town,

He lost his trident and his thorny crown,

He can’t fight back, losing time,

Waiting to sniff his next line,


A hospital bed he lays to rest,

His mother comes by and wished him the best,

Bruises and broken bones was the journey,

He needed more than an aterny.


Colour me in

Charlotte said colour me in,

And please draw me thin,

Change my eyes to green of sin,

Society cannot win,


Around and around we go,

Charlotte’s left feeling ever so low,

Bad thoughts in her mind will grow,

Until she sees nothing but snow,


She has a heart of gold,

Atleast that was what I was told,

Mental health had left her so cold,

She was only six years old,


She could see things others couldn’t,

She could see things a child shouldn’t,

Positive thoughts, her mind just wouldn’t,

Her sadness was pulling,


She was so young to leave her family behind,

She’d left a note, to always be kind,

Her family wished they could rewind,

For her life was unfairly timed,


Charlotte saw the death of everyone around,

Life was too loud, she couldn’t turn down the sound,

She admitted she’d rather be lost than found,

For in her dreams she’s stalked by a Hell hound,


A diagnosis of schizophrenia was in order,

This poor girl died from her disorder,

The parents pain was passed the border,

When she left, they became a horder,


Charlotte’s parent’s found a diary that she would write,

They would read it at the dusk of midnight,

Her words were lost, she said she couldn’t fight,

Being in this world, it just isn’t right,


Her parent’s cried for their loss,

They’d lost their daughter and at what cost,

Their family life, away she had tossed,

All the years of love they had lost.

Muma said

Muma said there would be boys like you,

Acting like a man all confused,

Trying to pull with every word they use too,

Until another lover they leave so blue,


Muma said I should be strong,

That I am better on my own,

What if I fell for the wrong?

It’s something I can’t condone,


Muma said I was safer to focus on myself,

And one day when it’s right, I’ll fall inlove,

I won’t fall from my mental health,

I will finally see the world from above,


Muma said to wait for the one,

To be patient and to be kind,

But I felt so dumb,

For all the wrong ones I’d find,


Muma said it’s okay to make mistakes,

A sky so blue, clouds are forming,

To fall inlove, it’s never too late,

Even when the wrong ones leave your world storming,


Muma said to sleep tight,

My pain would fade away,

Muma said it was alright,

I would find the one, one day.

Dear Brother:

I can see you changing ever so fast,

Your childhood years have almost past,

Puberty lurks around the corner for you,

I can hear your voice begin to break too,


If I could say one thing, I’d say never grow up,

Because once your an adult, that’s when your out of luck,

A baby you once were, I held you close to me,

And when you’d laugh, it’d set me free,


I don’t want you to grow up, please slow down,

Your still the funniest walking through town,

Enjoy life whilst you are still so young,

Only that will face you, for the years to come,


I’m so proud of the person your growing up to be,

And now you dress like a hipster I see,

I promise you, as you grow I’ll be there,

I promise you, I will always care,


And when you fall inlove and feel broken,

Remember the words our family have spoken,

That’s when you’ll finally feel,

The world and all that makes us real.


I can see a mermaid,

If you believe, you can see it too,

Reality is where dreams are made,

Do you see the way the mermaid swims to you?


Soft, gentle, graceful in the water,

A tail of mirrored mermaid scales,

It’s something to show your daughter,

Do you see the other mermaids and their rainbow tales?


It’s beautiful and real, if only you believe,

It’s magnificent, it’s a sweet kind of time,

A dropped necklace the mermaid will retrieve,

The mermaids swam away in a ray of sunshine.


Everytime I get close to you , I seizure,

Now your gone, I’ve welcomed amnesia,

You spoke in the latest of fashions,

But you lacked so many passions,


Freak of nature is what you was,

I never weighed the heartbreak costs,

You found it easier to run,

Even though there are still seasons to come,


Now I hear your missing me,

And your wishing for us to be,

Your the devil I dare not speak,

All your actions made me so weak,


You never cared for the honesty,

You carved your own policy,

This used to be a home for two,

Now it’s lonely without you,


If I had a dime for the time you spent,

Everytime you cheated and pretended to be heaven sent,

I’d be richer than the pope,

Your gone, I will not gloat,


All our memories go up in smoke,

I remember the last time that we spoke,

You cried and cried for all the nights,

Where you’d place me in a corner and start all the fights,


When it rained, it poured,

When it was sunny, you were bored,

A part of my soul, you’ve taken,

You left my world, I’m shaken.

Emily Briars

I sincerely apologise,

For all the tears in your eyes,

I know it took you by surprise,

Now your hunting demons in the night,


Your getting colder but you don’t know,

Your getting shorter, you can’t grow,

Your mind races fast and your heart beats slow,

At the end of the tunnel, do you see it’s glow?


In this night the coldest story ever told,

She’d jumped into a lake that was ice cold,

Poor little Emily, five years old,

The water around her began to scold,


Emily’s death, her family were distraught,

Life of flying, is what Emily thought,

If only in the winds she was caught,

On her grave, flowers are bought,


This is the darkest thing I’d ever see,

The way Emily let go of her body to feel free,

In her memory is a blowing blossom tree,

Emily left this world, because she felt no glee.