Angels are stronger than demons

Wicked eyes come alive at night,
They’ll stare at you and borrow your eyesight,
And demons may bare beneath your soul,
But angels will always have better control,

It’s dark everywhere you walk,
Stitched up mouths, no one can speak,
Picking up a rainbow colour of chalk,
Communication fails, you are weak,

Everyone yearns to get some good sleep,
In hope darkness would retract,
Leaving the good memories for you to keep,
For all in life that you’ve lacked.



This is a miracle, it’s really kind of criminal,
Statistical, magical, maybe kind of sinacle,
Hold on to your merry-go-round and your hats,
Painting up single council estate flats,

Ribbons are carved into cement,
Resembles humanity as the smallest fragment,
Running away to live in some homeless tents,
Hoping now is the time for all their repents,

This is no place for the wise and the old,
Coldness in hallways if I may be so bold,
Ice in the chambers it’s deathly I’m told,
Waiting for the items on eBay to be sold.

Lowestoft town

I wish Lowestoft was a wonder wall,

Where ice-creams in people’s hands they’d fall,

A place where someone could have it all,

Where it doesn’t matter if your cute or tall,


The beach is really kind of nice,

And market stalls are fair with price,

But guaranteed your neighbours kids have head lice,

Just around the corner, we’re all waiting for an apple pie slice,


Be careful though, Chav’s everywhere,

They may not take your handbag but they’ll definetly stare,

Because here in Lowestoft, no one seems to care,

Spending all their money, they stand to judge the fun fair,


Man, Lowestoft, it’s all KFC, McDonald’s and Nike shoes,

We’re so sick of waiting in long ques,

Listening to their music that they choose,

Hoping to lift my Lowestoft blues,


Did I mention, everyone seems to have a dog or a cat,

And in Lowestoft size 18 ain’t fat,

Come to our town, it ain’t all that,

Wiping our shoes on an indoor foot mat,


Where’s my pizza? Is there really free garlic bread?

I could eat a kebab until I’m half way dead,

Welcome to Lowestoft, everyone is sharing their bed,

Nah, come to our town, enough I have said…

Times are hard to be living

When your out in the cold and your all alone,

When your backs up against the wall and you’ve lost your throne,

When all fades away and you choose to disown,

Remember Muma calling you always to get back home,


Your out in the cold rainy streets, your all alone,

There’s not a person you can think of to call on the phone,

Your lost to the darkness, you never had a home,

Living your sweet little life surrounded by a large dome,


It’s harder than it looks isn’t it?

The world around us how do we fit in it?

Walking through alley ways hoping not to get bit,

Waiting for another dealer to get your next hit,


But you could’ve had it all if you stayed at school,

If you’d have buckled down and didn’t act so cool,

Maybe later in life you wouldn’t have been a fool,

Your starving now, in the bins you drool,


It’s the way life is, I think I finally understand,

You can’t be counting pennies when you’ve got three hundred grand,

We all want happiness but it’s something that’s never planned,

Wishing away sinkful thoughts in the sand.

Two little kitties

Two little kitties are there for me,

Two little kitties set my pain free,

From a world that was all you,

To a distant day I felt so blue,


Mental health would strike again,

It’s been there since I was ten,

Maybe it was earlier, not sure when,

Always breaking out of my playpen,


This world confuses all that I see,

Nature is always there, the beauty,

The sun is shining over us,

Two little kitties that I trust.