Darkness, I will not fear

I dont wanna live like this,

But I don’t want to die,

Missing every moment that we kissed,

Now it’s our love you deny,


A stolen cradle, lost to the crimson life,

My chance was taken so quick and nimble,

Dragging my thoughts through a mental knife,

Longing for a life so simple,


Shadows appeared in the distance,

Was it you who lurks here?

Lost touch with my soul that instance,

Now I’m facing all that I fear,


Echoes remain in the broken down house,

God wasn’t here, just a simple ghost,

Scaring even the tiniest mouse,

I’ve accepted that darkness is my host.


Drunk again

It’s 4am rah, rah, rah,

It’s 4am and she’s screaming,

One more shot, nah, nah, nah,

Its 4am she must be dreaming,


Because she’s drunk again,

She staggered herself home,

She’s always drunk when,

She assumes to be alone,


I couldn’t cradle her significance,

I couldn’t bless her spirit,

For in my life she made every difference,

Before a tie on the door, she chose to hit it,


She stumbles again, she falls over,

She’s another lost girl,

And when she gets closer to sober,

She thinks it’s the end of the world,


She’s drunk again, she’s lost her mind,

Downing all four bottles of wine,

She had lost all that she’d find,

For that sweet taste of crime,


She was drunk again, she’s only fourteen years old,

She’s drunk again, she can’t go a day without,

She can’t face her life, so I’m told,

Always slamming her bedroom door and at her parents she’d shout.

One day at a time, forever.

I wanted you to know,

That I really loved you so,

But now my mind is full of snow,

Hope in my heart will not grow,


Hold me down in a river of my own tears,

Tell me the worst so I can face my fears,

Tell me it’s over so I can say farewell to all the years,

Let’s drink up one last time, cheers,


I knew we were over the first day I met you,

Fragile to the soul you made my life blue,

I guess I always knew you never loved me too,

Space between us began to grew,


Ice on my tongue, I’m screaming,

He hasn’t left yet, I’m only dreaming,

Loosing my way, Netflix streaming,

You were something I had to lean in,


These nightmares of mine are not real,

But during the day the darkness I feel,

My love he continues to steal,

It was my skin he began to peel,


I swear to you, he’s gonna leave me one day,

He’s going to take all his thoughts and emotions at bay,

He will leave me, but the next one he’ll stay,

I really can’t tell if or when he’s gonna walk away,


So please, just one day at a time, forever,

I’m always hoping you still want us together,

I love you so much but my mind would unteather,

I can see how much you tried to make me better.

Devil’s Hat

All these blankets and duvets could never cover me,

To hide in the shadows, I feel such a freak,

Holding any kind of cloth to my eyes so I will not see,

The devil who dared himself to speak,


You can’t hide under the rocks anymore kiddo,

You can’t embark in your own shadows anymore,

You’ll be left to the darkness, You’ll be the sicko,

Banging on heavens unearthly door,


You can’t run away from the life you lead,

You can’t give up all that you have given,

Your own life you must now plead,

So that all your sins may be forgiven,


You shouldn’t talk over the devil like that,

His words will crumble into your very soul,

You should never dare to wear the devil’s hat,

Or for who knows, of Hell you’d be in control.

Learn to love yourself

Cold and alone this girl stumbles home,

In knee high boots followed by a massive drone,

Ripping her own cardigan that she had sown,

Clutching onto her new Apple phone,


She talks of golden treasures,

To find in life a wonder of pleasures,

Reaching the sky for all the measures,

Believing that her life is just some leisures,


She’d rather be little Miss Independent,

For herself she’s the defendant,

Falling in love with herself it’s amendment,

No longer a hater from her decendant,


She’s a real smart cookie,

She loves Star Wars and Wookie,

Playing chess she always takes the rookie,

If she ever stopped smiling the world would be spooky,


Her message, is that to truly live on your own,

All bad vibes you must disown,

You can have the world as your own thrown,

To love herself, she will always atone.

Muma doesn’t know

Muma doesn’t know what she does,

Muma doesn’t know why it was…

So dark from dawn till dusk,

Too much silence for a moment to hush,


Muma doesn’t know that she does drugs,

Muma doesn’t know her daughter wants the hugs,

Muma doesn’t know that she hangs around with thugs,

Her daughter really thought that the world did suck,


Anything for that higher high,

Any drug she’d take to reach the sky,

When she was found dead, her mother didn’t know why,

She wondered why her daughter didn’t come to her and try…


Crystal blue eyes gone to waste,

Another human down in the human race,

A pretty University student had lost her place,

Taking any drug she could hold, losing her grace,


Her muma wanted her back so much,

Her muma couldn’t bare another human’s touch,

Her muma hung a rope to the ceiling,

You know what happens, you’ve got the feeling,


Muma is up in the skies with her child,

They forgave eachother for their year’s so wild,

If only they could see a better day,

Instead they chose to push their lives away.