Meet the one

There was a world that I wanted to live in,

One where the bad thoughts would never sink in,

The butterflies would fly and show their wings,

Candy and love were the sweetest of things,


Skies were always blue, grass was always green,

To live in this world, I’m ever so keen,

The neighbours are caring and never mean,

I’m finally where I should have been,


Birds would chirp and bees would collect honey,

There’s not a day that goes by that isn’t sunny,

Clouds above you, shape to be so funny,

All excitement would gather in your tummy,


Love is free and easy to get,

A world where our eyes are never wet,

Every beauty in each sunset,

The kind of life I must forget,


Every rainbow would soon pass,

A death covered each blade of grass,

All storms were forever cast,

This darkness will always last,


It’s hard to accept this reality,

I’m waiting on faith, that’s a technicality,

My world would fade tragically,

Until I meet the one to free me magically.


Love unstrung

She never expected anyone to care,

In the distance, he was there,

Lurking for all pleasures to come,

A kind that makes life erratically numb,


She fell for the idea of him,

She yearned to feel his skin,

He was a little shy at the beginning,

Kissing her, he felt like he was spinning,


One day he pulled out a ring,

Explained that she was his everything,

She was overjoyed by his passion,

She’d picked a sweet boyfriend in the latest fashion,


It’s been a couple years since they got together,

They are still screaming their love is forever!

After a kiss, after their marriage,

A baby they yearned in a blue carriage,


Four years went by so fast,

Her tears would change the past,

She couldn’t conceive a baby of her own,

Resentment and failure, their love would be unsown,


It broke her heart that she couldn’t have a part of her,

A child with her husband she’d prefer,

She said she was sorry, she felt less of a woman,

She felt that she no longer resembled a human,


He tried and tried to make it all okay,

He could never wash his wife’s pain away,

She’d forgotten their love from the start,

She’d left him with a broken heart,


Now she sings for all that she’s lost,

Now she cries for all that is tossed,

Her love was still buried deep beneath,

Hiding behind her gritting teeth,


He moved on and had a child with someone new,

She was hurt, it was something she couldn’t do,

She blamed herself for never being able to conceive,

She’d lost faith in all that she’d believe,


She sang “I wish I could bring a dream to life” softly,

Overdosing on the pills had proven her life costly,

Two weeks passed and he got a note,

For what it read he couldn’t have spoke,


“I’m sorry that I couldn’t bare,

I really felt that you didn’t care,

If I couldn’t have a family, I’m not good enough,

I pray the next life I live, I can have a baby to love.”

Wrong side of the road

She had her dreams, she had her faith,

She had her courage in the human race,

Around others she felt oh so safe,

I guess she never felt out of place,


She believed in the rhythm of her soul,

She found religion and would soon behold,

The easy life and all the control,

And nothing would ever unfold,


She swore to keep living the dream,

Until one day she woke up, lost,

Losing everything it was extreme,

Maybe everything has it’s cost,


You see, she had a baby back at home,

She’d wished to never see,

She’d rather leave her child alone,

She’d longed to feel free,


Now her mind is too far gone,

There is no happier song,

For everyone else is in the wrong,

For peaceful night’s she’d long,


She never listened, she lost hope,

She washed her baby away and began to gloat,

Maybe she could of made it work, maybe it was just a slippery slope,

Her mind sailed off as she sent her child afloat,


She’s sad that her child is no longer around,

She’s too high, she couldn’t find the ground,

Darker thoughts appeared, her child had drowned,

It was her, the police concluded and found.

Wicked ways

I want to raise your spirit,

I want to see you happy,

Instead you chose to hit it,

You left feeling snappy,


I know you left for my own safe keeping,

You left for my own heartache,

If you’d of stayed my scars would have deepen,

Put yourself first for goodness sake,


You are beautiful, you are one of a kind,

You are precious to everything in life,

I’m the one for you I think you’ll find,

So please put down that knife,


Baby don’t cut because it’s over,

It’s my fault that I held on for so long,

Only now do I feel sober,

And you were so wrong,


Cheap thrills to wind eachother up,

Soft to the heart, soft to the touch,

Your the sweet sugar in my cup,

Ready for my next rush,


But I couldn’t love you even if I tried,

You gave up when I was sick,

Love between us you have denied,

And now your onto your next trick,


You’ll tell them you love them them smoothly,

How your better than anyone on this planet,

Your brain, a mushed up smoothie,

Your so wicked I can’t forget.

Don’t go back

Ice cold ginger beer,

Pour it for me my dear,

We should talk about the past year,

And all that is now near,


I never wanted to hurt you,

I never meant to let everyone come above,

You were the reason the skies weren’t blue,

And death soon came to a flying dove,


An ex is an ex for a reason,

You should never go back,

Because they once caused your heart treason,

And love for you is what they lack.

The fairy cursed me.

As soft as you were, as nice as you are,

I always put my faith in a shooting star,

As open as a book, I’d found my place,

A fairy waved her wand around my shoelace,

I’d tripped of course onto the floor,

The fairy waved her wand some more!


The fairy giggled with a doubtful glee,


The fairy smirked for all the fun,

Soon after I met the person of my dreams,

The fairy chuckled “Life’s not what it seems”

We’d gotten married, had three kids,

The fairy warned that my love outbids,

For the final time her wand was presented,

She waved goodbye as if I was a percentage,

She took my family of four,

I was once rich but now I’m poor,

I’d gotten to know the love I had,

I miss it everyday, it’s so sad.

The devil had my thoughts

All the potions and notions and emotions couldn’t heal me,

Walking through town alone I’m such a freak,

I’m the darkest path that I ever thought could be,

I’ve lost my voice I can no longer speak,


Weak to the bone, cold in the mind,

All thoughts were just an ashtray,

The light I can no longer find,

I’m on the devil’s pathway


I said “Hello” and greeted with a smile,

His teeth were blunt as he chowed down,

I was his play toy for a while,

He’d hit me up if I dared frown,


The sin is darker now, it’s fierce,

I’m lost to the darkness as I feared,

My body was a punch bag to be pierced,

The devil finally let go, my thoughts cleared.